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Revolutionizing the fastening industry pin by pin.

Fastening Innovation with MultiMaterial-Welding

MultiMaterial-Welding enables lightweight and multi-material designs and intelligent production processes for a more sustainable use of our planet's resources by making lightweight manufacturing processes profitable and accessible for everybody.

Our innovative technology uses ultrasonic waves and friction to create strong, durable Form-fit connection into porous materials and/or geometrical undercuts. It allows the assembly combination of challenging materials such as metal to plastic and various thermoplastic composites.

We are a joint venture between Bossard Group, Switzerland and SKion GmbH, Germany. Our products and solutions are distributed by Bossard Group, an expert in fastener technology logistics.

Our technological advantages

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Sustainable & recyclable

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Ultra fast processing time

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Autonomous processing

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Low energy consumption

Our solutions

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Our products

Discover the future of advanced fastening solutions with MultiMaterial-Welding AG, where innovation meets efficiency. Explore our cutting-edge products, designed to revolutionize the automotive and aerospace industries with reliable, sustainable, and high-performance joining technologies.

Engineering services

From customized product requirements resulting from customer challenges to rapid prototyping for real-world applications. Experience the power of advanced FEM tools to predict performance for optimized results. Rigorous testing, refinement and precision-guided production steps ensure excellent materials and aesthetic finesse.

Assembly process

By moving beyond traditional methods, this technology offers a streamlined approach to assembly, enhancing productivity and output quality. It's a transformative solution, designed not just to replace but to significantly upgrade existing assembly processes.

Functional integration

Our groundbreaking technology ushers in a new era of product design and manufacturing, one that prioritizes simplicity without compromising on quality. By integrating our advanced welding solutions into your products, we offer a streamlined path to achieving enhanced performance, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Leading companies trust in us

Customer voices

Discover how our customers' stories show the real impact of our innovative, flexible, accountable, and teamwork-driven fastening solutions on their success.

"Since the pandemic, customer service has taken a severe drop in the manufacturing world, but not with Bossard. Brent and his team offered unparalleled customer service and technical expertise through every phase of our project – continuously going above and beyond to ensure our success."

Alexander Bryant


"We were looking for a partner to support us with expertise in design, production and assembly. Our partnerships with Bossard has resulted in a world first."

Ulli Raab, Project Manager


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