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Revolutionizing Automotive Engineering with Advanced Plastic Fastener Solutions

Proven technology for Automotive Interior Design

At the forefront of automotive innovation, MultiMaterial-Welding stands as a key innovator in advanced fastening technology. Specializing in ultrasonic welding solutions, we are transforming the landscape of automotive assembly with high-precision, durable fasteners designed for modern engineering challenges.

Our products, like the LiteWWeight™ pins, are tailored to meet the specific needs of automotive engineers, enhancing the efficiency of assembly processes and setting new industry standards in sustainability and performance.

We have what you are looking for

Our technology is applicable to a wide variety of assembly parts.
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A 3D model of a car
Car interior floor

Carpet floors

Secure fastening solutions effectively anchor carpet floors, maintaining their position and enhancing interior comfort.

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exterior trim image

Exterior trim

Efficient fastening solutions ensure secure and durable attachment of exterior trim parts.

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Floor mat in a car

Floor mat

Robust fastening systems ensure floor mats remain securely in place, enhancing vehicle interior stability and safety.

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Wheel arch of a car

Wheel arch liner

Reliable fastening methods secure wheel arch liners, ensuring durability and protection against road debris.

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Crash pads in a car

Crash pads and protections

Effective fastening systems ensure crash pads and protective elements remain securely positioned, enhancing safety in critical situations.

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Reliable fastening solutions ensure a quick, secure and flawless assembly of spoilers.

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Car spoiler
Trunk compartment in a car

Trunk compartment

urable fastening solutions ensure the stability and functionality of the trunk compartment, enhancing storage security.

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Automotive oarcel shelf

Parcel shelf

Transform your parcel shelf installation process in the automotive industry with our specialized solution, ensuring rapid, secure, and efficient assembly.

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Car load floor

Load floor/trunk floor

Sturdy fastening solutions provide a robust foundation for load floors and trunk floors, ensuring durability and reliability in cargo management.

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Car roof panel

Roof panels

Enhance automotive roof panel installations with our LiteWWeight® pin technology, offering a reliable and straightforward solution for improved assembly efficiency.

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Bumper of a car

Exterior trim parts

Efficient fastening solutions ensure secure and durable attachment of exterior trim parts.

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Car bumper


Advanced fastening techniques ensure bumpers are securely mounted, contributing to overall vehicle durability and safety in automotive applications.

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Headliner of a car


Reliable fastening techniques ensure the headliner remains firmly in place, contributing to the vehicle's overall interior elegance and safety.

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We have what you are looking for

Our technology is applicable to a wide variety of assembly parts.

MM-Welding car 3D model

1. Exterior trim parts

2. Bumper

3. Wheel arch liner
4. Floor mat
5. Carpet floors
6. Exterior trim
7. Headliner
8. Roof panels
9. Crash pads and protections
10. Parcel shelf
11. Trunk compartment
12. Load floor / trunk floor
13. Spoiler
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Facts & stats


Fast processing time

Designed for quick installation in about 1 second, eliminating the need for pre-drilling in most scenarios, thereby streamlining the assembly process.


Weight reduction

Our advanced fastening solutions can contribute to a weight reduction of up to 40% in automotive components, leading to improved fuel efficiency


Fastening Strength

The LiteWWeight® technology provides fastening strength above 500 Newtons, ensuring the durability of automotive parts.

Customer voices

Discover how our customers' stories show the real impact of our innovative, flexible, accountable, and teamwork-driven fastening solutions on their success.

"We were looking for a partner to support us with expertise in design, production and assembly. Our partnerships with Bossard has resulted in a world first."

Ulli Raab, Project Manager


"Partnering with MM-Welding to integrate their MultiMaterial-Welding® technology in our 'Marie' child seat series has been transformative. The technology's precision and strength significantly enhanced the safety and design of our seats, solidifying our commitment to child safety."

Florian Königswenger


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