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Transforming Rail Industry Standards with Advanced Fastening Solutions

Functional, safe and reliable solutions for the train industry

In the sector of train interior manufacturing, MultiMaterial-Welding is marking its presence with innovative fastening solutions. Our approach, centered around ultrasonic technology, is enhancing the assembly and maintenance of train interiors by offering lightweight yet durable fastening options. Utilizing advanced materials such as glass fibre-reinforced polymers and honeycomb core structures, our products are tailored for the unique requirements of the train industry.

This focus on innovative, efficient solutions is setting new standards for functionality, safety, and design aesthetics in train interior manufacturing, aligning with the evolving demands of rail travel.

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Our technology is applicable to a wide variety of assembly parts.
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A 3D model of a train
Seating and trim in a train

Seating and trim

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Floor trim panel in a train

Floor trim panels

Sturdy fastening systems for floor trim panels in railway vehicles guarantee durability and stability, enhancing overall passenger experience.

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Side wall panel in a train

Side wall panels

Reliable fastening solutions ensure side wall panels in railway applications are securely attached, enhancing passenger safety and comfort.

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We have what you are looking for

Our technology is applicable to a wide variety of assembly parts.

2D train model

1. Seating and trim

2. Floor trim panels

3. Side wall panels

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Facts & stats


Fast processing time

Designed for quick installation in about 1 second, eliminating the need for potting material or massive block into the core layer


Weight reduction

Our advanced fastening solutions can contribute to a weight reduction of up to 20% in sandwich components, leading to improved fuel efficiency


Fastening Strength

The LiteWWeight® products provides fastening strength above 1kN and torque resistance >14 Nm

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