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Learn more about how MM-Welding's technology works, where innovation meets practicality to transform the world of material joining. Discover how our advanced solutions and relentless R&D shape the future of the industry.

In the landscape of modern engineering, MM-Welding offers a range of advanced technological solutions that are reshaping the way materials are joined, particularly in automotive interiors. Our core technologies, including our specialized implementation of ultrasonic technology, represent the peak of our expertise.

This page shows how our technology meets industry standards and requirements, offering efficiency, precision, and reliability. With solutions like SmartSolutions, we're transforming transportation assembly, introducing more sustainable and cost-effective methods.

Beyond the solutions we currently offer, MM-Welding is also invested in the future of material joining through our R&D projects. We are continuously dedicated to innovation, collaborating closely with experts and institutions to explore new frontiers of possibility.

MM-Welding ultrasonic welding

The Evolution of Ultrasound application in Industrial Applications

Our innovative technology uses ultrasonic waves and friction to create strong, durable Form-fit connection into porous materials and/or geometrical undercuts. It allows the assembly combination of challenging materials such as metal to plastic and various thermoplastic composites.

LiteWWeight™ technology, a signature product of MM-Welding, exemplifies this innovation. It utilizes ultrasonic energy to bond thermoplastic fasteners into porous and lightweight materials efficiently, marking a significant leap in existing assembly capabilities. By eliminating the need for most pre-processing work and completing processes in under a second, MM-Welding offers a robust, reliable, and time-efficient solution.

Advancing Beyond Traditional Methods: MM-Welding's Innovative Approach

With the InWWerse™ technology,  MM-Welding's approach to joining transcends traditional methods, offering numerous advancements and benefits over traditional ultrasonic welding or adhesive bonding.

The "porosity" needed for the MM-Welding process is brought by the fastener itself and allows a rapid and efficient connection onto thermoplastic thin trim part. Removing the need for surface compatibility or manual preparation, the full assembly process becomes fast and precise.

MM-Welding test setup

Technological benefits of MM-Welding





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Our engagement in R&D projects

Our R&D efforts are not just about technological advancement; they are about building partnerships and fostering a culture of collaborative innovation. These partnerships, spanning across various sectors and specialties, are crucial to our success, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to our research.

As we continue to explore and innovate, these collaborations ensure that MM-Welding remains a problem solver of the material joining industry.


UltraJM - MM-Welding technology for the marine industry

Sandwich panels are widely used in the marine industry, especially for yacht construction. In this field of application, there is a large potential to simplify the integration of connection point into the substrate material. The MM-Welding technology is the perfect candidate for this.


MultiMaterial-Welding (CH), I-Dent (CH), Pegasus (SLO)

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AI quality assurance

Embracing the principles of Industry 4.0, our SmartSolution harnesses the power of machine learning to elevate the efficiency, predictability, and reliability of welding processes. Dive into the realm where sophisticated AI meets the rigor of ultrasonic welding, and discover how our solution is transforming the landscape of manufacturing with unparalleled accuracy and control.

Engineering services

From customized product requirements resulting from customer challenges to rapid prototyping for real-world applications. Experience the power of advanced FEM tools to predict performance for optimized results. Rigorous testing, refinement and precision-guided production steps ensure excellent materials and aesthetic finesse.

Assembly process

MultiMaterial-Welding AG's MM-Welding® technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing sector, particularly in automotive and aerospace industries. Our groundbreaking LiteWWeight® process embodies a new era of efficiency and precision in material joining. By moving beyond traditional methods, this technology offers a streamlined approach to assembly, enhancing productivity and output quality. It's a transformative solution, designed not just to replace but to significantly upgrade existing assembly processes.

Functional integration

Our groundbreaking MM-Welding technology ushers in a new era of product design and manufacturing, one that prioritizes simplicity without compromising on quality. By integrating our advanced welding solutions into your products, we offer a streamlined path to achieving enhanced performance, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

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