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Engineering services

At MM-Welding, our engineering services are designed to seamlessly integrate innovation and efficiency. Beginning with a deep understanding of client-specific challenges, we expertly craft product requirements. Our design phase is enriched by rapid prototyping, a key element that accelerates development and ensures practical, real-world application. Utilizing advanced FEM tools, we model these concepts to predict and optimize performance.

The prototyping phase, central to our process, involves rigorous testing and refinement, leading to effective implementation strategies. In collaboration with machining partners, we further enhance this process through optimized automation, culminating in a production stage focused on material excellence and aesthetic precision. Our approach guarantees quality and client satisfaction at every step.

360° Engineering service

At MM-Welding, our engineering services are designed to seamlessly integrate innovation and efficiency.


Guiding material selection, discussing colors, and surface textures with suppliers for the perfect finish.


Collaborating with machining partners to craft optimal automation solutions, enhancing assembly efficiency


Providing expert advice for comprehensive assembly solutions


Creating and testing prototypes to refine design and assembly processes


Utilizing FEM tools for accurate assembly behavior assessment and property prediction


Developing innovative concepts and product models tailored to specific needs


Understanding customer challenges to define precise product requirements

MM-Welding Engineering services
MM-Welding Engineering services

Service details

3D Design / Custom Design

Harnessing the power of 3D design and CAD, we excel in transforming complex concepts into practical, customized solutions. Our process involves detailed, client-focused design work, leveraging rapid prototyping to swiftly bring these designs to life. This approach ensures a bespoke, high-quality output, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of each project. With a commitment to precision and excellence, we provide exceptional support to our customers, helping them realize their visions with innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs.

3D Design / Custom Design
MM-Welding FEM service

Finite Elements Model (FEM)

In our Finite Element Modeling (FEM) process at MM-Welding, stress analysis is a critical component. FEM allows us to meticulously analyze and predict the stress and strain on materials and assemblies under various conditions. This detailed stress analysis aids in optimizing designs for strength and durability, ensuring that our products can withstand real-world applications. By incorporating FEM into our development process, we achieve a high level of precision and reliability in our product design, ensuring each item meets rigorous standards of performance and safety.

Rapid Prototyping / Validation

At MM-Welding, our approach to Rapid Prototyping and Validation is integral to our innovation process. We quickly transform digital designs into physical models, allowing for immediate evaluation and iteration. This method is essential in ensuring that our products not only meet design specifications but also exceed functional and aesthetic expectations. By employing Rapid Prototyping, we significantly reduce development time, streamline the validation process, and ensure the highest quality standards, ultimately leading to efficient and effective solutions for our clients.

A framework representing MM weldings rapid prototyping / validation process
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In the Testing phase at MM-Welding, we conduct comprehensive lab-scale tests to rigorously evaluate products. These tests are designed to simulate real-world conditions, ensuring that each product performs reliably under various scenarios. This phase is crucial for identifying and rectifying any potential issues, guaranteeing that every product that passes through our doors meets the highest standards of safety, durability, and performance. Our meticulous approach to testing reflects our commitment to quality and our dedication to delivering superior products to our clients.

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