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Solutions for a more efficient fastening process

New Generation Fastening Solutions: Bridging Innovation and Industry

We specialize in advanced fastening and integration technologies for industries like automotive, aerospace, and rail. Our services blend MM-Welding® technologies and ultrasonic welding with a deep understanding of client-specific challenges, leading to tailored solutions through rapid prototyping and advanced FEM tools. Our Function Integration (FIP) streamlines Assembly Processes, offering simplicity and functionality. Our Engineering Services emphasize seamless integration into client assembly processes and efficient Quality Assurance. Our commitment to innovation extends to ongoing R&D projects, exploring new frontiers in material joining and fastening technologies.

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Facts & stats


Fast processing time

Designed for quick installation in about 1 second, eliminating the need for pre-processing in most scenarios, thereby streamlining the assembly process.


Weight reduction

MM-Welding's advanced fastening solutions contribute to a global weight reduction of the full assembly, leading to improved fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction.


Fastening Strength

The MM-Welding® technology provides high fastening strength with the small connection element, ensuring the durability of automotive parts.

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Our advanced ultrasonic technology

MM-Welding Technology

Discover how we are pushing back the limits of ultrasonic welding or adhesive bonding by creating a mechanical form fit into advanced materials, where speed and precision redefine material joining. A new era of efficiency that transforms industrial fastening, minimizing time and resource usage. Explore how sustainability is seamlessly integrated, offering environmentally responsible solutions.

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Assembly process

Streamline Your Assembly Process with MM-Welding® Technology

Embrace the future of assembly with MultiMaterial-Welding AG's MM-Welding® technology. Discover how our LiteWWeight® process transforms traditional manufacturing with ultrasonic precision and efficiency. This innovative approach simplifies assembly, seamlessly integrates into existing lines, and enhances overall productivity. Learn about the advanced machinery and equipment that make this possible and how they can be effortlessly incorporated into your manufacturing process. Join us in exploring a solution that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern manufacturing.

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AI quality assurance

SmartSolutions Software is unlocking the potential of big data and artificial intelligence for our fastening solutions to provide real-time production quality control, strength predictions and more.

  • SmartSolutions is based on machine learning and transforms production data into meaningful and actionable insights for our customers in real-time
  • It allows quality control of 100% of produced parts and eliminates the need for destructive testing
  • Beta-version of SmartSolutions was already successfully introduced to the public

Engineering services

At MM Welding, our engineering services are designed to seamlessly integrate innovation and efficiency. Beginning with a deep understanding of client-specific challenges, we expertly craft product requirements. Our design phase is enriched by rapid prototyping, a key element that accelerates development and ensures practical, real-world application. Utilizing advanced FEM tools, we model these concepts to predict and optimize performance.

The prototyping phase, central to our process, involves rigorous testing and refinement, leading to effective implementation strategies. In collaboration with machining partners, we further enhance this process through optimized automation, culminating in a production stage focused on material excellence and aesthetic precision. Our approach guarantees quality and client satisfaction at every step.


Functional integration

Revolutionizing Assembly: The Era of Simplified Manufacturing with MM Welding

Transform Your Manufacturing with MM Welding's Functional Integration: Embrace a new era of simplicity and efficiency in assembly processes. MM Welding's innovative approach eliminates the need for cumbersome fasteners, offering sleeker designs, reduced costs, and a significant reduction in material waste. Experience the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics in your products, seamlessly achieved through our advanced welding solutions. Join us in shaping a more streamlined, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious future in manufacturing.

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AI quality assurance

Embracing the principles of Industry 4.0, our SmartSolution harnesses the power of machine learning to elevate the efficiency, predictability, and reliability of welding processes. Dive into the realm where sophisticated AI meets the rigor of ultrasonic welding, and discover how our solution is transforming the landscape of manufacturing with unparalleled accuracy and control.

Engineering services

From customized product requirements resulting from customer challenges to rapid prototyping for real-world applications. Experience the power of advanced FEM tools to predict performance for optimized results. Rigorous testing, refinement and precision-guided production steps ensure excellent materials and aesthetic finesse.

Assembly process

By moving beyond traditional methods, MM-Welding technology offers a streamlined approach to assembly, enhancing productivity and output quality. It's a transformative solution, designed not just to replace but to significantly upgrade existing assembly processes.

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Functional integration

Our MM-Welding technology users in a new era of product design and manufacturing, one that prioritizes simplicity without compromising on quality. By integrating our advanced welding solutions into your products, we offer a streamlined path to achieving enhanced performance, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

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Our products

Discover the future of advanced fastening solutions with MultiMaterial-Welding AG, where innovation meets efficiency. Explore our cutting-edge products, designed to revolutionize the automotive and aerospace industries with reliable, sustainable, and high-performance joining technologies.

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R&D projects

Our R&D efforts are not just about technological advancement; they are about building partnerships and fostering a culture of collaborative innovation. These partnerships, spanning across various sectors and specialties, are crucial to our success, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to our research.