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Our engagement in R&D projects

Venture into MM Welding's world of R&D, where pioneering technology and collaborative ingenuity converge to shape the future of material joining.

At MM Welding, our R&D projects stand at the forefront of innovation, involving collaborations with leading universities and industry experts. These initiatives encompass a wide range of focuses, from advancing our core ultrasonic welding technology to pioneering AI-driven quality assurance systems. Each project embodies our commitment to pushing technological boundaries, exploring new applications, and refining our process efficiencies. This approach, combining in-house expertise with external collaboration, drives us to meet current challenges and anticipate future industry needs.

Our R&D efforts are not just about technological advancement; they are about building partnerships and fostering a culture of collaborative innovation. These partnerships, spanning across various sectors and specialties, are crucial to our success, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to our research.

As we continue to explore and innovate, these collaborations ensure that MM Welding remains a problem solver of the material joining industry.

UltraJM - MM-Welding technology for the marine industry

Sandwich panels are widely used in the marine industry, especially for yacht construction. In this field of application, there is a large potential to simplify the integration of connection point into the substrate material. The MM-Welding technology is the perfect candidate for this.


Smart automation with Bossard and FHNW

The goal of the project is to push the limits of the unique joining technology for multi-material connections by developing a robotic-based automation approach coupled with a so-called smart solution module based on machine learning methods.​


LightWWeight connection for sandwich panel

In this project, MultiMaterial-Welding collaborated with KVT Fastening and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, to apply the MM-Welding technology to interior automotive parts and to develop the process understanding and development methods, to adapt the technology to several applications in the transport area.


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