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Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with Johann Borgers

Dive into the innovative collaboration between Johann Borgers GmbH and MultiMaterial-Welding, and discover how the use of our technology is transforming the automotive sector.



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The Borgers and MultiMaterial-Weldings case study presents a groundbreaking approach in automotive manufacturing. Our project, involving the creation of a special loading floor for a premium SUV, exemplifies the power of innovative solutions in modern production. Utilizing our MM-Welding® technology, we achieved a seamless integration of different materials, enhancing both the product's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

This technology, which eliminates the need for preliminary drilling, represents a leap in manufacturing efficiency and product quality. This collaboration not only showcases the capabilities of advanced fastening technologies but also marks a significant step forward in meeting the sophisticated demands of the automotive industry.


Products used in this project

LiteWWeight® Pin

For effortlessly securing sandwich structures

Hear it from the customer

"Utilizing MultiMaterial-Welding's technology for our luxury SUV loading floor project enabled us to achieve a perfect blend of functionality and design. This collaboration has redefined our approach to automotive component manufacturing."

Max Muster

Johann Borgers GmbH

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