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Innovative Fastening Solutions for Child Safety with SWANDOO

Discover how SWANDOO, a leader in child seat innovation, leveraged our MM-Welding® technology to create the "Marie" series, blending safety, design, and resilience in child transportation solutions.



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SWANDOO, renowned for its innovative child safety solutions, has redefined the standards in child seat design with its "Marie" series, thanks to a strategic partnership with MultiMaterial-Welding. This case study highlights the journey of this collaboration, emphasizing the blend of safety, design, and functionality in child transportation products.

The "Marie" child seat series stands as a testament to SWANDOO's commitment to exceptional design and safety. Facing the challenge of incorporating top-tier safety features within an aesthetically pleasing design, SWANDOO turned to MultiMaterial-Welding for a solution. Our technology emerged as the key to this challenge, offering robust and resilient connections vital for child seat safety. This innovative technology allows for the precise and durable bonding of particle foam components, crucial for ensuring the integrity and safety of the seats.

The collaboration is a prime example of how combining expertise can lead to groundbreaking advancements. MultiMaterial-Weldings deep knowledge in fastening technology provided SWANDOO with invaluable insights and support, enabling the realization of their vision. The result was a product that not only met stringent safety standards but also resonated with modern design sensibilities.

The "Marie" series distinguishes itself through its user-centric design, prioritizing the needs and comfort of both the child and parent. The blend of functionality, ease of use, and safety showcases SWANDOO's understanding of the challenges faced by parents. This thoughtful design approach, coupled with MultiMaterial-Weldings technological contribution, has set a new benchmark in the child safety product market.

In summary, the SWANDOO case study is an inspiring example of how leveraging innovative technology and collaborative expertise can create products that excel in safety, design, and user experience. The success of the "Marie" series underscores the potential of advanced fastening solutions in driving product innovation, making a significant impact in the realm of child safety.


Products used in this project

LiteWWeight® zEPP

To efficiently secure expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam and similar materials

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"Partnering with MM-Welding to integrate their MultiMaterial-Welding® technology in our 'Marie' child seat series has been transformative. The technology's precision and strength significantly enhanced the safety and design of our seats, solidifying our commitment to child safety."

Florian Königswenger


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