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Innovative Fastening Solutions in Aviation

Explore how Plastika Balumags groundbreaking partnership with MultiMaterial-Welding revolutionized the aviation industry, providing superior fastening solutions for critical airplane parts.



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Plastika Balumags case study showcases an exceptional collaboration in the aviation industry, focusing on the development of advanced fastening solutions for airplane parts. Utilizing our innovative MM-Welding® technology, this partnership has significantly improved the manufacturing process of vital components like cockpit shutters and air outlets.

This cutting-edge technology offers a more efficient, reliable alternative to traditional fastening methods. By using ultrasonic energy, MultiMaterial-Welding partially liquifies thermoplastic materials to create strong, functional connections quickly. This process, adapted for aviation needs, resulted in a novel fastening system that established immediately loadable connection points on thermoplastic substrates.

Plastika Balumag and Bossard/MultiMaterial-Welding's Swiss engineering team faced the challenge of adapting this technology to meet the specific demands and rigorous standards of the aviation industry. The collaboration led to a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, meeting high-quality standards while ensuring easy assembly and mounting of parts in airplanes.

The partnership's success is a testament to the importance of innovative fastening solutions in modern manufacturing. The case study illustrates how strategic collaborations can lead to significant technological advancements, providing a competitive edge in highly specialized industries like aviation.


Products used in this project

InWWerse® Fastener

Optimized for polymers and composite materials

Hear it from the customer

"Incorporating MultiMaterial-Welding's technology in our parts production, particularly airplain window frames, has greatly improved both the efficiency and reliability of our products, marking a significant advancement in aviation manufacturing."

Patrick Gygax

Plastika Balumag AG

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