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Revolutionizing Automotive Safety with Storopack

Uncover the groundbreaking collaboration between Storopack and MultiMaterial-Welding in developing a unique crashpad solution for premium automobiles, marking a significant advancement in automotive safety technology.



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The partnership between Storopack and MultiMaterial-Welding represents a significant leap in automotive safety, culminating in the creation of custom-made EPP foam crashpads for a leading car manufacturer. This case study explores the innovative use of our LiteWWeight® zEPP technology in overcoming the challenges of manufacturing these crucial safety components.

In developing these crashpads, Storopack faced the complex task of ensuring optimal safety while adhering to the demanding design and production standards of the automotive industry. The solution lay in our LiteWWeight® zEPP technology, which was specially adapted to meet the unique requirements of EPP component connections. This technology, known for its precise and durable connections, was pivotal in achieving the strength and resilience needed for the crashpads.

MultiMaterial-Weldings contribution extended beyond the provision of technology. Our expertise in design, production, and assembly played a crucial role in realizing Storopacks vision. The partnership led to the establishment of an automated system for setting the LiteWWeight® zEPP fasteners in the EPP foam, marking a world-first in the automotive industry.

The success of this project not only demonstrates the potential of advanced fastening solutions in enhancing automotive safety but also highlights the importance of collaborative innovation in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving market.


Products used in this project

LiteWWeight® zEPP

To efficiently secure expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam and similar materials

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"We were looking for a partner to support us with expertise in design, production and assembly. Our partnerships with Bossard has resulted in a world first."

Ulli Raab, Project Manager


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